Saturday, November 28, 2015

No Music No Life, Know Music Know Life.............Music is Religion in and of itself

If you have stopped by my page a couple of times you have already figured out that I love music. I wake up grab my cuppa joe and head to my little room where I can crank the sounds, drink my coffee and figure out what my day is gonna be about. Music can pick me up, sit me down, make me shake my groove thang, bring tears to my eyes, recall past loves, make me wanna jump my hubby, and bring me memories of my past, my father polishing his army boots at 4 in the morning while he drank his coffee and smoked his smokes in his fatigues and preparing for his day, listening to anything from Marty Robbins to Englebert Humperdink or The Stylistics, Gladys Knight and the Pips....he listened to it all. I would sneak and get up extra early so I could sit quietly in the dark to see what he was listening to each morning. I remember being one of those bratty teens that had a boom box, that walked around with it on my shoulder, playing loud, in Japan, off base...gosh...memories,,,anyway, Dad while a drill Sgt. a very serious man...had a strong love of music and he passed it down to me...a gift that I am soooo thankful for...Etta James has mended my broken heart so many times and Floyed Kramers fingers have pounded on that piano for me to get my mind in the right place too many times to count. I have danced my butt off to KC and the Sunshine, too many times to count on the bluff abovy Kinnick Middle High School, in a polyester, red, Yes I did, point..movin on. I have thanked my father for this gift...and to this day we collect albums and turntables together....he will find some at a yard sale and bring them to me and its like Christmas morning each time....I crank up the tunes and clean house, I select an old vinyl and put on the spinner and just soothes te one thing that my honey does not really care that no matter what kind of music it is...I like it LOUD! You would think I was losing my hearing not my eyesight. I remember when we came back from Japan, Dad let be bring the reel to reel into my room, or maybe he was in Turkey, so I did it anyway, but I had Ronnie Milsap playing and I stood in front of the mirror singing along with my eyes closed, trying to feel what he must feel like silly girl.....I stray alot sorry. so..... But he never ever tells me to turn it down, because he knows me and he knows I am either working something out, or rather it is working on me. I hope you enjoy at least some of the sounds you hear, here. I love each and every one...ok well I will put a few that are up for debate, just because I cannot understand why they made this point on their video or please feel free to let me know what you like and what you dont.

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