Saturday, July 16, 2016

Felix The Cat~~ Uncle Bill

I have said before that my Dad was in the Army and we lived in Yokohama Japan when I was in middle school, 6th-8th grades.  I used to go off base and buy pencil cases, pencils, erasers...they smelled like candy...I would buy candy and gum and other silly things a girl would buy.  At the time the exchange was 300-320 yen to the you can imagine, I got to buy a lot of stuff!  In comparison, today's rate of exchange is 104.8 yen to 1.00 dollar.   

That was the first place I saw that you could buy cigarettes out of a machine on a street corner, the same with beer.  It was pretty, but odd.  Once I thought I would run lost...I ran around asking where the BASE was and kept getting directed to the BATH kidding....But honestly, the people were the nicest, most respectful I had ever met.  

I always have had a thing for shoes....and well, don't let this get around, but Mom never feared me falling over because I have always had big feet...LOL...and yes, firmly planted on the ground, but when I would go into a shoe store to buy shoes in Japan, the ladies, and the men would all be amazed and call over the other clerks to see my beautiful large feet! 
; P

Anyway, back to Felix the favorite gum....I ALWAYS had it on me, or I would run off base and get it before school would was Felix the Cat bubble see it blew the BEST bubbles...I LOVED that stuff!  Well a couple years ago I thought about it, and looked it up online and found I could order some from Jersey but it would cost me like 65.00 for a box of it...Well, this chick will never pay that kind of money for bubble gum....I mean, I could buy a cool pair of shoes or music instead yeah?  Ok, so the long way around a short story is, my cousin was on FB showing some candy her uncle sent her from Japan, (he goes there a lot on business, I think) and I commented, and told her about my Felix the Cat infatuation, and my love of the smell of the erasers......LOL....she is my favorite cousins daughter....Remember the post when I took a walk through the woods at my cousins ...ok, she is the one...WELL, her Uncle Bill saw my comments on FB and told her he would send me some gum....can you believe that?   How kind....I said nawww....don't worry about it, don't spend the money it cost to mail it....but yesterday, I received .....

A box of Felix the Cat Bubble Gum, and then some, and Erasers!

ありがとうございました Uncle Bill! 

You Rock Dude, your kindness brought wonderful memories and huge smiles, as well as Big BUBBLES to my world! 


Andrew said...

Soooo. How did it taste? Stuff of legends, or did your childhood memories get dashed?

Unknown said...

It is sooooo yummy....put a huge smile on my face and I have been blowing bubbles ever since I opened the package!
; ) Total recall!

Chickenmom said...

Then you would just love my Felix the Cat tin lunch box to put all that gum in!