Friday, April 29, 2016

A Few Pics At A Time....

I thought it might be fun to share some of the sights I enjoyed along the way...from California to home...not in order mind you, lol. that just isn't me...but in any case I hope you find some beauty in them, as I did.  By the way, most are taken at 75 miles per hour....out the window...because my husband rarely made stops for photo opportunities.

Yup, unless CGD was stretched out in the back seat this is where he laid his head as Ken drove down the road, perfect positioning for a good scratch behind the ears.  Lil' Lucy sat front 'n center on the console watching EVERYTHING, or in my lap, unless we were in traffic, then she went to the back...can't find that picture yet.


Livin to Ride said...

love that last picture

Unknown said...

Wait till you see the ones where we stopped at Starbucks in Arkansas..for me...and CGD and Lil' Lucy got Pupachino' was really cool! I will post them next...just for you!

drjim said...

Kenny got within a mile of a Starbucks???

Will the wonders never cease!

I'm really happy for you two.

Enjoy the freedom!

Terry said...

Great pictures, And LtR is right, the last one is special. Guess CDG was riding along looking at Legal Lucie's butt.
So glad you all are in Tennessee and out of that "other place".