Monday, April 25, 2016

Please Help If You Can

My mother had a stroke three years ago. The state is telling me I have to build her a wheelchair ramp. I have been carrying her in my arms to get her in and out and her wheelchair is too heavy to carry in and out making it difficult to get her to her doctor appointments, etc.

This is a good man trying to care for his mother.  I know for many people money is tight in todays economy, but if there is any way you can pitch in a few dollars to help him obtain his goal, I know...he would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you from you, even if you can't pitch financially, but can offer up a prayer or positive thought for their all helps.  ~L~


hiswiserangel said...

Love you! We'll get the word out!

Unknown said...

Love you too Chickie! I think he is special, taking care of his mother the way he does, and I think personally he is under pricing the cost of the job before him. But I wanted to try and get all the help I could for them.