Saturday, April 30, 2016

One of My Favorite Pictures....And Another

I just think it is beautiful.
Here is a link to the is pretty awesome. 19 Story Cross


Anonymous said...

Appears to be the Cross at Groom Texas...if so, you should meet the man who built all that, Steve Thomas, oil man, engineer, investor, Patriot...oh, and he has a kid who was a pretty fair football player...Zach Thomas....

vaquero viejo

Unknown said...

I was there 14 years or so ago, and only the cross and bronzes were there, none of the buildings or anything..I thought it was breathtaking I am just in awe. I looked it up when I did the post, to add the link and read a little of the info...(will go back to finish) It is truly impressive!

I had thought that it was in Rose, Texas....was just a bit off...but that has been known to happen before..ssshh...don't tell anyone. : )

If you are making introductions, I will let Ken know, I would love to meet him, and thank him for his contributions!