Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2 $ Bill vs. Chicken Nuggets???

Check out this story over at "IT AINT HOLY WATER", a regular read of mine.....Is this really what we are coming to?  Is this how your childs school responds or reacts?  I would find out if I were you....School to Prison....sounds plausible to me.


Granny said...

Gack. Nothing on that tray looks appetizing. Pallid, tasteless plastic food.

Unknown said...

I agree with that Granny, but if you watched the video at It Aint Holy Water...it's really about the 2 dollar bill, and the school calling the police on the student cause they thought it was fake....and had done the same to 40 other students.....interesting stuff. But you are right...must have been yellow day for food!