Monday, May 16, 2016

Good Morning


Unknown said...

First thing that came to my mind as I saw the Peter, Paul, and Mary was that my mother loves them and Simon and Garfunkle (and bands such as those). She likes them so much that she has taken advantage of my father's alzheimers and told him that he loves them also. So now when I go somewhere with him and he hears them (or someone with a similar sound) play he tells me how great of a band they are. He was not a big fan of theirs when he could remember music well. 1.5-2 years ago before it hit him he would have probably loved your blog. He was one of those people that knew not only every song from the late 50's through 70's but who played it and what he was doing at the time when he first heard it. I do not talk much about his disease but I figured you would get a good chuckle out of that. That is probably something you'd do to Wirecutter if his memory ever starts to slip.

Unknown said...

Jason, my father was diagnosed with the same disease and I think his connection to music helps him. It is something we have always shared together. Truly a gift he gave me, to appreciate all different types of music. Now, I say he was diagnosed, but I am not sure the dr. has it right, it has been several years since and Dad stopped with the medication a couple of years ago, and there really has not been a great difference, so we are lucky in that. I do have an aunt, had several in fact that have Alzheimers.

I owuld say, kudos to your Mom for giving him something new to enjoy! And I must admit you are right..since I have had to stop driving, I am limited to Kens choice of music in the truck...and honestly I get tired of The Dead, Hank III and every once in a while he will throw in Warren Haynes, just for yes, I would do that to him...but I would probably go with Justin Bieber..or Brittany Spears....but only when company came over! ; P

Good luck and God Bless you and your family Jason!

Unknown said...

By the way Jason...I have their Greatest Hits on Long Play tomorrow (Wednedsay) morning...if you wanted to turn it on for him or them...just thought I would let you know...I have had it scheduled for three days now. If so, I do hope they/he finds pleasure in it!