Monday, May 2, 2016

Pupacino Post....For Livin to Ride

On our way to Tennessee, once out of California we did not see a Starbucks until we hit Arkansas...I was shocked to say the least.  It seems they are on every street corner in CA...seriously.  They are only an occasional treat for $5.00 a cup....I won't drink that all the time, and besides, I make a damn good cup of coffee, if I do say so myself.
Anywho, when we were leaving Van Buren, Arkansas, we went through the drive thru and I ordered my coffee. The barista saw CGD and asked if he would like a Pupacino...and of course we thought AWWW how cute...and said yes, so he handed one out, and then noticed  Lil' Lucy, and told the other barista, they have another pup, we need another they handed another out the additional charge for either.....Pretty cool if you ask me!  Well, let me tell you....Charlie...LOVED his...Luce has been timid about her food since we got her, so I gave half of hers to Charlie and coaxed her into having a go at the other half....which she thoroughly enjoyed!  Way to go won me over by treating my pups, I Thank You!

Pupacino= A cup of whipped cream : P


Livin to Ride said...

oh geez

Unknown said...

Whaddya mean oh geez?....It was cool dude! LOL