Friday, June 10, 2016

George Patton Museum Pt.4

Uniforms, Commendations, Equipment and Miscellaneous Photographs




Andrew said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures.

I have enjoyed your blog for a long time. Thanks for brightening our lives.

Timbotoo said...

You certainly have turned into a pair of Culture Vultures since the move. Shame about being harassed by that jerk. He seems to be a seriously deranged individual. I know you are in good hands, but take care.

Unknown said...

Thank you Andrew, that is very kind of you. It means quite a lot to me.

Timbotoo, I am introducing Ken to all the things I love...Culture Vultures??? I'll take I am in good hands...thank you! : )

James N Q* said...

Thanks Miss Lisa!

Oddly enough, I'm currently sitting in the middle of "Patton's Own" in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. We here REVELY every morning at 0600 followed by the theme song to "PATTON"!
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I am honored that you stopped by here! Thank you for your service! You be safe out there. God Bless You and America!

skybill said...

Hi Miss Lisa,
Thanks for posting!!!! I read on Kenny's blog where Sammy is harassing "You!!!" I find that totally un-Gentlemanly on his part and he should stand up and take his ass beating like a man.....did I say man?? It seems that no "Man" would do the things and say the things that he has said and attempted to do against you!! He is as we would say when I sailed the South Pacific in our US Navy,"Lower than whale shit!!" (Gotta admit, that's pretty low when ya' consider looking down at the Marianas Trench, 'lowest point on the earth below water!!.....6 1/2 miles STRAIGHT DOWN!!!!!) Sammy can spew his drivel but the bottom line is....he is heading for his "Reckoning!!!" .....and it won't be "pretty!!"
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!,

drjim said...

Thanks, Miss Lisa.

The Patton Museum is on my bucket list, so thanks for the preview!

IMNSHO, a picture of General Patton sjould be in every dictionary under the definition of "Warrior"!

Our country needs men like him.

Unknown said...

skybill, thank you for your kindness, it is special to me.

drjim, I used to walk by his museum everyday after school....and i went I knew what a real man was early on...(Besides the example my father set.)

It was in a very small building back then. Patton is truly one of a kind, and going back brought back lovely memories for me. You are correct sir, our country does need men like him!

skybill said...

Hi Miss Lisa,
Why shut down your Blog after Monday, "just because of Sammy's Threats!!????" Perhaps he does not realize,"Who does he think we are?? Does he not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against him until he and the whole world is taught a lesson it will surely never forget!!!!!" I "borrowed" those words from Sir Winston Churchill!!! Immortal and so true!!
Does anybody have a "Time/space co-ordinate" on the whereabouts of our beloved,"I use the term loosely...very loosely...kinda' like a cow taking a dump!!" "Sammy????" What a piece of fertilizer!!!
Please stand by, do not attempt to adjust your set. We are experiencing network transmission difficulties !!!
I'll be back,
skybill-standing by

Chief Nose Wetter said...

Thank you Miss Lisa for putting together such a great post. We are the same age and remember when America was lead by men of honor and principles. Sadly,today we are denied such leaders while being constantly bombarded with the homosexual agenda and led by corrupt politicians. Patton saw through the political deceptions that were happening in WWII. He realized that all Europeans should be free and wanted to push the Russians out of eastern Europe. The cold war was a staged event pitting the Communist east against the Capitalist west. The losers were the eastern European countries who lived under the Communist Boot. The winners were the defense contractors who fed the cold war machine. Once the war was over Patton became a liability. The events surrounding his death remain suspicious to this day. Visiting the museum is on my bucket list. The pics are outstanding. Stay well.

skybill said...

Hi Miss Lisa,
Picture if you will, a Time, a long, long time ago... when "Men were Men!!" unfortunately those times have eroded into the morass we have now... However there are those of us who still hold the Valor from those long ago times in the highest honor!!
All I can say is I keep seeing this "Scene" from "Tombstone"... The Doc Holiday/Johnny Ringo "I'm your Huckleberry"... type it in ....Kenny is Doc and Sammy well....Sammy's no Daisy....'just a little too "High Strung!!!"
...........Sammy will meet his "Reckoning.....!!!"
Meanwhile, back at the ranch........
as we would say at the Dropzone....,
Blue skies,
Black Death!!!,

Terry said...

Great post, Thanks.
Missing your blog, good to see it back even if only for the weekend.

WiscoDave said...

Thank you for posting.

fjord said...

Awesome pictures. Thank you.
Love GP.

Love that dog statue. (last pic) any idea what that was made of?

Alexander said...

Thanks for the pics. Good luck with all you do in the future. I've enjoyed your blog.

Chickenmom said...

So happy to see you back. Thank you for posting all these wonderful pictures, Lisa! America certainly needs more great leaders like Patton again. Today's kids have probably never heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures.
They stuffed his dog?


Unknown said...

RWT....Did you see his horse???? Can you imagine stuffing that thing....dang!!! hun...his dog was not stuffed, nor was his horse, I just had to yank a has been a while. They looked to be plaster of paris or something similar..: ) Thanks for the fun!!

I am glad that you all enjoyed the posts..he was a very special Gentleman...and truly that is what he was, intelligent, cunning, a leader of men, honorable, loyal and the list goes on. It is how all boys should still be raised to be, and how young men should strive to he is famous for saying..."Lead me, follow me or get out of my way!"

hiswiserangel said...

A man has to be truly confident in his manhood to strut around in puffy pants. I always loved Patton's sense of style.

I get a serious kick out of skybill, he's on my Top 5 list of Patriots I want to meet in person.

Unknown said...

Angel...I understand your sentiment...on both counts my dear! ; )

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Ms Lisa,

Enjoyed the Patton Pics, that place is on my bucket list of places to go. I always had a quote that Patton used "No plan survives first contact with the enemy" also"A good plan violently executed works better than a perfect plan next week."

Don't close your blog on account of that wimp, if you do, he wins...


Unknown said...

So glad you enjoyed favorite quote is..."Lead me, follow me or get out of my way!"

It is not a matter of winning or losing is removing negativity in my life, and refusing to allow someone to have ammunition to shoot me with. I put personal information on this blog. I speak of my family, share bits of myself and my life. That information is not for his consumption.

Angus McThag said...

Dangit, you introduce yourself as you're going out the door.

I hate meeting like that!

I need to get back up to Knox and see how much has changed since I learned tanks there. Must be strange to for the museum to just be Patton and not Armor too.

Unknown said...

Actually it was quite different than it used to be. They do have a small section on ROTC and an even smaller section on Saddam Hussein and Iraq,( just a few displays). I may post those later today...The Iraq section, I did not photograph the ROTC with the exception of how it pertained to General Patton.

As a young girl going through the museum often, (several times a week) somehow I captured a "feeling" of the man. But as an older woman, to me the museum seems just a bit too commercial for that. So while in some ways it is great, it was rather disappointing for me.

I don't recall everything being under glass, which of course I understand. It was all roped off then, and untouchable...but maybe...just feels more like an adjusted version of his life than cold hard truth, as it was when I was younger. I hope that makes sense.

With that being said, there is much to see, and certainly worth the visit...and yes...I would go again! Don't be in a hurry, set your camera's yourself, no flash allowed inside the building, otherwise they do it for you.

Unknown said...

Oh and Angus McThag, I'll be around, and be popping in at your place, for I liked what I read there. It was lovely meeting you.

Don McCollor said...

...Thanks Lisa!..George Patton is one of my heros ..remember an inbed journalist video of an American armored column moving fast through uncaptured Bagdad...He would have been proud...