Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good Morning

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Good morning Granny, so good to have you back! 


Granny said...

Hi Lisa, Thank you so very much. Wow! Talk about a trip down memory lane, (er no pun intended). The bonus was seeing the Smothers Brothers.
Sometimes we forget how good TV used to be.
Karen is fine, a little shook up but like every normal person in Orlando, she is still dealing with the horror of being so close to the firing line.
A few words about the shooter.
A closet homosexual who was known to the gay community for being "in & out" periodically, on gay websites and a frequent patron of Pulse. I wait with baited breath while the various "law enforcement groups try to justify their constant surveillance of innocent civilians while toe rags like that slip under their radar." The massacre had NOTHING to do with ISIS.
It also confirms a long held belief of mine that men who are serial wife beaters are closet homosexuals who are too scared to come out.
I do have a tendency to rant sometimes, again thanks for returning to your blog.

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I was curious about the possibility of him being gay himself, rather out or not.

I don't judge..you love who you love....love them well...that's my only thing...I leave the judging to God.

We never get the truth on TV...I know that for sure...they feed us what they want us to be fed. Period.

I am so glad to hear Karen is ok, I will keep her in my prayers. It is a horrible thing.

I am familiar with spousal abuse...and think there are a variety of reasons for it, and it is most always stemmed from a sense of inadequacy, impotence, on the abusers part. Beat the other person down to feel bigger. Sad, scary and no way to live.

So good to hear from you!! Welcome : )

Granny said...

Watch what Disney does with the three year old toddlers' parents. To date, there has never been a death in Micky land. 43 years of millions of visitors and nobody has died? Prior to this incident my observations would have been dismissed as the ravings of a demented old lady. The lawyers will circle like the vultures that are. Disney will settle, depending on what price the parents put on their baby.
I'm sincerely sorry that you have first hand knowledge of spousal abuse. It's something that no woman should have to know about, sadly, that isn't Dick & Jane reality. What makes things different is standing up for yourself and making the monster in your life fear for his life, and to depart before you kill his sorry ass.