Saturday, August 27, 2016

Good Morning

Chemex Coffee Maker
Cold Brew Coffee Pot
Bialetti Mukka Maculata 
Hario Syphon Technica
Moka Express
Image result for different types of coffee pot
Image result for different types of coffee pot

I have the Keurig, French Press, Perk, Drip and Stovetop coffee makers.  I feel the need to complete the collection with these beautiful, functional necessities....
; )
Just consider that coffee may be addicted to ME!  
Image result for coffee
I also have a thing for mugs, they must be in pairs, not kitschy ones with sayings on them, but attractive, shapely, aesthetically pleasing me...LOL 

All my serving dishes are white, platters, tureens, gravy boats, bowls, tea service etc...I like a pretty table. ; )

I think I need to show these to Ken....birthday....Christmas....Just Because I Love You Days are on the horizon...think he will take the hint?  Anyone have a hammer? LOL

After all, I am on the quest for the PERFECT cup of coffee!  This is serious business. ; P


Chickenmom said...

Good coffee always tastesly fine better in a heavy mug. Fine tea always tastes better when sipped in a real china cup with saucer. :o)

Unknown said...

You have it exactly right Chickenmom!

Chickenmom said...

Have no idea why the sentence came out like that. Must turn off the auto-correct. Don't need the laptop thinking for me !:o)

wirecutter said...

My coffee budget easily quadrupled when I married Lisa.
The coffee cups in my home went from TWO to an entire cabinet full.
She's not lying, folks.

Unknown said...

I feel better knowing you have seen my wish list...; ) Don't forget the plates that look like books...; P

Chickenmom said...

Hey, Lisa! I have rooter plates, bowls, cake plates and MUGS! :o)

Unknown said...

I have seen some really good looking dishes with a rooster on them! Very cool! ; )

Granny said...

News flash! Today while cruising through the super market, and taking my sweet time, I discovered Coffee flavored yogurt. Thought of you immediately, then giggled imagining your reaction. The people around me thought I was demented.

Unknown said...

Oh My!....said the Spider to the Fly!....LOL
; p