Monday, August 15, 2016

Old Mulkey Meeting House

Ken and I went to the Old Mulkey Meeting House and we were not disappointed,  It is rich with history,  There is a feeling to the place of peace and beauty.  Yet, sadness, as infant graves are marked with stones...not headstones, but rocks, outlining their tiny  graves, side by side. 

You will find the meeting house itself was constructed like a cross, and to represent the twelve apostles with twelve corners, and it has three entrances to represent The Holy Trinity.

Daniel Boone's sister Hannah is buried there as well.  Again, there is much to be discovered.  I am including the link to the website. 
Enjoy your visit!



Chickenmom said...

Wow - great photos Lisa! Love reading the old headstones and glad the place is well cared for. Lots of history to be learned right there.

Granny said...

What a lovely day you must have had. Lots of history there when you know that their lives truly did matter.

BWBandy said...

Fantastic piece of history. A Meeting House but I guess it was mainly a church since it was built that way? Many buildings in small communities served many purposes so I am guessing it was used for many things.

Terry said...

Beautiful photos.
I looked it up and read the history on the state park site. Very interesting. And it was originally a house of worship for the Mill Creek Baptist Church. A religious schism tore the congregation apart in 1809.
Great photos of the cemetery too.