Friday, August 12, 2016

I Was....I AM!

I was dancing in the grass barefoot....there was dew on is loud,....only candlelight....Call me Gumby at this point.  It feels wonderful!  Join me won't you?  If you do/are......let me know I am not alone......Easy Days Will Come....that is the song I am listening to!


Granny said...

Did Ken drive to the liquor store and stock up?
Dancing is the very best therapy. I will join you, bare footed and uninhibited by worries that anyone is watching. Ditto on candles, they are for me, and they add such a nice glow to the night. Last night must have been a night to let it all hang out as I drank more than usual, It was just that sort of night.

Unknown said...

Upon my request, yes he did. ; )

It was that sort of night, and I am rather glad to know I was not alone. Thank you for that!