Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Church On The Hill





Chickenmom said...

What a marvelous find! We once lived next to an old cemetery and loved to wander through and read the markers. Some were from soldiers that served in Washington's army.

Terry said...

Great photos. I love visiting old cemeteries.
Found the page in the Duncan family bible where Catharine Duncan's death was recorded.
First entry, top left corner of the page.

BWBandy said...

Sad in a way. I like to see churches preserved if possible. Love the photos.

Unknown said...

I agree that seeing them preserved is my preference. But in this case and others like it, I question as to why it was left in this way. Bible still placed there, fans on the bench, beautiful piano....collection baskets, why?

I did not do any research on the property...I don't really like to disclose locations for various reasons...although I may find out for my own curiosity.

Further I did not enter the building,, I took all my photos from the door.

Finally, some find outhouse photos distasteful...I however think they are not, things were different,and noticing those differences and marking them is important. There is also a bit of folly in it. Also helps to appreciate just how blessed we are...and/or how far we have come.

Unknown said...

Wow Terry, that is very cool! Thank you!