Tuesday, December 8, 2015

60 sec. vs. 1 min.

funny questions

Have you ever considered this really?  I have never.....mind blown.


drjim said...

Because the clock in the microwave is programmed such that any digit to the left of the semicolon is considered a minute, while all digits to the right of the semicolon are considered seconds.

What happens is that you can enter "00:99" for 99 seconds, but "01:00" is one minute, NOT 100 seconds.

Unknown said...

drjim, I kinda figured that too..but it was kind of a now wait a minute moment...well for me anyway...lol

JAMES said...

Figured something like that but will admit yesterday a bit baffled/hell,even annoyed!I put that down to being Wednesday,with weekend coming mental freedom soon at hand!