Monday, December 28, 2015

You're Gonna Miss Me...Part Deux

taminator013, Ever since you sent You're Gonna Miss Me...something has been naggin me....this is


Gerald said...

I loved this when it came out. Of course Anna Kendrick doesn't hurt it either :)

Anonymous said...

i like it..
there aren't very many that will miss me when i'm gone..
some of them it will take about as long as it takes to divide
my stuff up before they forget me.. others probably won't even notice at all..

livin to ride

Unknown said...

livin to ride....I'll miss keep coming back here, often, please. I will certainly notice if you don't show, in fact you took a couple days off, where you been? I have too much stuff as it is, so I don't want anything, unless you have another song for me..please come back soon.

Unknown said...

Gerald, she really is a versatile actress, and has a lovely voice.