Monday, December 28, 2015

Have Love, Will Travel

How many of you are free spirits out there, that have love and will travel? What is that life like? Sometimes I imagine it as a wonderful way to live....others..not so much....opinions? But really all that matters is the love part yeah....on the go, or being very got love?...does a body good!


Anonymous said...

I love long drives with no timetable, only an eventual destination. Something about how the road unrolls, mile after mile I find very satisfying. Some of my favorites: I 40 EB between Kingman and Flagstaff. 191 in Eastern AZ. towards Four corners. Cortez> Mancos> Durango. Silverton> Ouray on the Million Dollar Hwy. Or Durango East to I 25. Skyline Drive, Shenandoah NP. 395 from Lone Pine to Bridgeport.
And dozens of others- you get the idea. (See C.W.'s Friday open road pics.)

I recently rediscovered Buddy Miller, and this tune caught my ear.

=T. Wrangler=

Unknown said...

I do get the picture...I used to love to do the same, different roads...but the freedom of the road, and good music...I had a Chrysler 300 when they first came out lookin like a gangster it looked to me..not gangster..but ...yeah, I loaded up the music and hit the road...from Nashville to Mississippi, or just to Memphis, or up to see the dogwoods bloom, if I didn't have much time, I would just hit the winding back roads close to home and open the sunroof, crank the tunes and let the roads take me away...I can't drive any more...and I miss it...a lot, makes me want to run even more...I mean drive...