Friday, December 25, 2015



pigpen51 said...

Strangest thing, the first CD I ever owned was Yoyo Ma. I had finally gotten a computer and it had a cd drive, but I had no cd's. This was WAY back. So a friend gave me a Yoyo Ma cd. I had never heard him, but was surprisingly impressed.
Not exactly my style, but a very talented musician.
If we had only had computers and CD's so available when I was playing music semi-pro, we could have made a lot more money than by dubbing cassette tapes and selling them.
I know some audiophiles say that the sound is somehow sterile compared to phono albums, but honestly, my hearing is shot from 35 plus years in a steel melting factory. So I love digital music.

Unknown said...

I used to say that to my mother, never having heard of him....yoyo ma!...just trying to be funny, then one day someone said you like him? I thought what the hell, so I looked him up...and whaddya know....I sure as heck did! I also love digital opens up a whole new world of sound to people that would never have heard of some brilliant artists, compositions, and bring it on!