Monday, December 28, 2015

Prayer for today....

This holiday, the past few weeks, I have found to be some of the most difficult, for a variety of reasons, none of which I will, nor can I go into here. But, because of those reasons, I kinda turn into myself, as is my way, I turn inwards, find music to get lost in and refuse to accept any more input from the outside world, other than what I MUST. That has been my state for a couple of weeks now. I make sure my responsibilities are covered, husband, grandchildren, parents...and that's just about my list of priorities. Good music, or my interpretation of such, an occasional 6 shots of Jack and a burning candle...and just being left alone, I will survive. So I wake to the real world last night, and decide to look into the news...and my goodness, the freezing temps where friends are, the tornado's where other friends and family are, the flooding. The loss people are suffering. Our irresponsible government, their idiocy, hypocrisy, hidden agenda's, the manufacturing of information to lead Americans away from what is really going on. The new (to me) ISIS God it is all so much...I think, I like my cocoon better....I really do. But I realized, there truly are so many that have much bigger problems than I, that need succor, that need encouragement to go forth, to keep keepin on, to not give up. To believe there is a higher power with a plan. To trust, to accept without proof that things can be made right again, or better than where they are right at this moment...and really that's all some of us can ask for sometimes, yeah? So as I peel my eyes open to the real world, I realize my focus, my prayers, need to be for them, for those that need more than I, that have suffered great loss, that are injured, grieving, now homeless, wet, cold, truly suffering and I know that from my little spot on this great big ball we live on, the best thing I can think to do is to pray for them. Now I am not a Holy Roller...and am not knocking those who are...step back baby, step back...but I love my Lord, and I do know He's got if any of you believe, as I believe, I ask that you take a moment sometime today and say an extra prayer for those that are suffering, that need that extra push, that moment of silence, that filling of warmth...and no I did not mean feeling..cause those can be cheap...but filling of warmth, say that prayer, to give them the strength they need for that next step...because I thank the Good Lord above that He allows me to take mine. Thank you for allowing me to just let it out.... and for listening.


hiswiserangel said...

Sometimes all you can do is hold on and pray for dawn.
Love you, Miss Lisa!

Anonymous said...

I really struggle this time of year. I won't list the reasons, the results are all that matter. I am a person who turns inward as well. I keep it inside where it stews and perks....and poisons.

About two months before this Christmas, I let it go. I simply released it. I cut it away from my spirit and left it where it fell.

I loved, laughed and my heart was filled this year. Christmas didn't drive me inward, but helped me spread my joy outward. I am free now in every way. My body is damaged, my spine is wrecked, knees are destroyed, it does not matter I am free. My childhood a nightmare, my teen years full of mistakes it matters not...I am free.

I sin and I am full of wrong and even hate, it matters NOTHING because HE set me free.

Who Christ frees is free indeed.

Love sent your way. -55six

Unknown said...

Miss Leslie, you shall always be my friend...and I thank God for it! I love you too...and I use that word a lot, yes,...but I mean it sincerely in this instance.

Unknown said...

Dear -556, thank you for the love you send, one can never have too much! My cocooning, or turning inward, in really self healing, well maybe not self..cause I believe there is Another at work there. But the music draws me and helps restore. I am happy that you were able to drop it, and open to beauty...what a wonderful time you must have had and will continue to do so. Free at last..what an honor...Thank you for sharing your joy and your love, I'll pay it forward. Thank you! Have a wonderfully blessed New Year!

pigpen51 said...

Miss Lisa,
I don't share much of my faith, but I don't hide it either. I am a sinner saved only by the faithfulness of Jesus Christ and His mercy. I tell people I will pray for them only when I truly mean it, and then I do so.
This year past has seemed to be difficult for many. I can't understand why, I just feel it. I find myself drawn to God more and more as time goes on. I think there is good reasons for that, and I think that I am not alone in this.
Music to me is also becoming a source of restoration again. I find myself listening more to things from the past and also to new and unknown artists. I also am starting to play again, after a long layoff. I think it is God telling me to take time to appreciate the things that He has given me that matter, that are beautiful, like my family and art and music.
I know that this past year has been good for me in that I have found internet friends like those in the freedom community and their families. I have yet to be discouraged by anyone on any blog from anything I have said, only met with kindness.
I wish you and Ken a great 2016, with all issues being resolved in a positive way. May your circle of family and friends hold you closer than ever, and may they also be blessed by you.

Unknown said...

Tim, I always enjoy your comments, input and offerings. I think we have a lot of similar likes. Like you, I am hesitant to say I will pray for someone unless I mean to do it..I feel it's a very bad thing not do it if I have said I own beliefs. I am ready to break out the paints again's been a while, God gave me these forms of expression to give myself an outlet, I know He actually heals me when I hurt, but these are the tools He knows my heart uses to put things back into perspective and sometimes it takes a melding of the old as well as the yet unheard to do this.
I thank you for all your kind words for the new year and I send them right back at you and yours. May 2016 bring you and your family much joy, good health and prosperity! (whatever,or however you define that word) I am glad you come to this blog! Thank you.